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I Believe IN...

Sustainable Housing
  • Town Council approved a Workforce Housing Strategic Plan in 2019. Only one of the proposed solutions has been executed. We need to follow through with the adopted plan to “[Strengthen] Our Community Through Housing.”

  • I support:

    • Creating a permanent funding source for Workforce Housing on Hilton Head Island. I support Council adding 1 millage point to our taxes to help maintain our quality of life. 

    • Working with our County Delegation in Columbia to enable communities to utilize Accommodations and Hospitality Tax funding to aid in sustainable workforce solutions.

    • Creating our own Housing Development Authority that focuses on land acquisition, especially for underutilized commercial buildings that can be redeveloped and reimagined. 

    • Reimagining our Land Management Ordinance to make it relevant for our residents and businesses for the next 50 years.


Maintaining balance between tourism and the quality of life for our full-time residents 

  • Our excellent Island lifestyle is supported by the 2.5 million tourists that visit each year. They generate tax revenue that helps us to:

    • Support Arts & Cultural organizations

    • Maintain our excellent parks and recreational assets

    • Provide best-in-class Fire and Rescue Operations to all Island Residents.

Investing in Arts and Culture on Hilton Head Island 
  • As a life-long lover of music, I am proof that investing in Arts and Culture MATTERS. The Office of Cultural Affairs has been a WIN for the Town. Highlighting the talent and cultural assets on the Island will only continue to attract talented and community-minded people to live, work and play here.

  • Empower our Native Island Community by continuing to invest in and implement the Gullah-Geechee Land & Cultural Preservation Task Force Recommendations. 

Why I'm Running

I Believe Hilton Head is a unique and important place. I, like many of you, moved to Hilton Head Island because the people and history of this island are very special. From our environment and ecosystem to our incredible neighbors and community, we all remember the moment we fell in love with Hilton Head Island. It’s the only place I want to raise my family and it’s why I’m running to be your representative for Ward 2 Hilton Head Island Town Council.


In the past few years, especially during my time serving on the town’s Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee, I have noticed there is not much diversity in the way of experience on the Town Council and its many boards. So many of the urgent issues we are facing as a community affect the workforce, yet only one Town Council member is currently a member of our island’s workforce. I believe our island’s future is bright but we need voices from every facet of our community to ensure all residents and their interests are represented.


In twenty years, I would like to look back at Hilton Head Island’s development strategy, Our Plan, and celebrate reaching the goals our residents have tasked us with achieving. The thousands of hours that went into creating Our Plan weigh heavily on me and I want to honor all of that hard work. In 2040, when Our Plan has reached the finish line, I hope to be able to look back and say WE DID IT!


I am a consensus builder. As a life-long sports and music enthusiast, I enjoy being part of a team. It’s where I thrive. Whether in basketball or marching band, I’ve learned it takes input from every voice to create the best possible outcome. I want the best possible island for Ward 2 residents. Listening and learning are passions of mine, and I look forward to putting my voice to work for you. As a 14-year resident of the island and an 8-year resident of Hilton Head Plantation, I am asking for your vote. I know that the future is bright for Hilton Head Island, and as many of you have told me, I am the right voice for Ward 2.


learn about "OUR


Our Plan, is the 2020 to 2040 Comprehensive
Plan for the Town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Our Plan is a dynamic and informational policy guiding document that reflects integral components of the Island community fabric.

[SOURCE]: The Town of Hilton Head Island

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