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Community endorsements

bill harkins

Current Ward 2 Town Council Representative

It is time to turn the reigns of local government in Ward 2 over to accomplished young business leaders like Stephen Arnold, who have a long-term stake in the future of Hilton Head Island. Please join me with enthusiasm in support of Stephen Arnold for Town Council Ward 2.


Jerry W. Cutrer

Former Hilton Head Plantation POA Board Member and President

I believe Stephen Arnold is best qualified to represent our community. I have met personally with Stephen and find him invested in the long-term success of our Island home. He is a young, energetic local businessman, a father of school-age children, a fourteen year resident of Hilton Head Island, and has lived in HHP for eight years. I believe he is the right voice for HHP and our Town and strongly endorse Stephen Arnold for Town Council Ward 2 in the November election.

Jack Alderman

Ward 2 & Hilton Head Plantation Neighbor

I really like the important fresh perspective that Stephen will bring to Town Council as a capable business manager and husband of a teacher. Together, they are raising their family here - the future of the Island. His stances on significant issues - housing, the bridges, and keeping Hilton Head vibrant and resilient - are smart and practical. Stephen Arnold is a man of character who will represent us well - he has my vote for Ward 2 on November 8

Jack Alderman Headshot.png

Albert Mealer

Ward 2 & Hilton Head Plantation Neighbor

I have known Stephen Arnold for over four years and have been continually impressed by his sense of duty toward his community. Ward 2 and Hilton Head Island will be well served by a man who has strong ties to our local tourism business and community. Please consider your vote for Stephen Arnold and man I call friend.

Nicky dye

Hilton Head Plantation Neighbor 

As an HHP neighbor of over seven years, with three children in the Beaufort County school system, I strongly support Stephen Arnold for Hilton Head Island Town Council. In his 14 years on the island, he has ingrained himself into multiple aspects of the community and truly has a unique understanding of the needs of the island. He is hardworking, honest, and fair and I have no doubt that Stephen is the voice we need to help our community evolve into the best island it can be! 


Luke, Susan & Matthew Delano

Ward 2 Neighbors

Stephen Armold is well-rounded and well-equipped to represent everyone from Ward 2 and beyond on HHI Town Council. We've known him as an employee of one of the largest companies on the Island and as an entrepreneur running his own small business, an early-morning basketballer and a late-night music maker, a public servant, a family man, and everything in between. In all these roles he's friendly, outgoing, passionate, and open-minded. We'll be voting Arnold on November 8!

Jennifer Hummel

Hilton Head Plantation Neighbor

I had the pleasure of getting to know Stephen Arnold and his wife five years ago as we were beginning our journeys into parenthood. Like his approach as a father, Stephen is an active participant in our community who consistently sets and achieves his goals. His passion for strengthening our island will always get my vote. 


Miguel Leman

Current Palmetto Hall Board Member

It came as no surprise that Stephen decided to run for Town Council.  If you spend any time with Stephen you know about his passion for Hilton Head Island. His affection for this community is contagious and can be seen in his work, social and family life.  I have known Stephen for many years, but I still remember when we first met being impressed by his drive, humility, and his intelligence. As a born leader he asks the right questions, loves solving problems, and stays true to who he is and to his vision.  Over the years, our families have become close and I am hopeful that his voice will be able to represent families like ours on Town Council. Stephen’s strong family values paired with his understanding of this dynamic community makes him the ideal candidate to represent all residents of Hilton Head Island!

Whitney Rolf

Ward 2 Neighbor & Reebok CrossFit Coastal Carolina Owner

As a small business owner, Ward 2 resident, and voter, I am enthusiastically casting my vote for Stephen Arnold. Stephen’s credentials as a dedicated and successful leader on the island speaks volumes for his investment in our community. As a mother of two little girls, I am eager to have a community leader and involved parent looking out for future generations of our island!

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 9.10.32 AM.png

James J. Dunne

Chief of Police Wheeling, IL &

FUTURE Hilton Head Island Neighbor

I met Stephen three years ago while visiting Hilton Head for the first time. Now as my family prepares to buy a home on Hilton Head Island, I have had the opportunity to get to know Stephen. He has been a model ambassador for what the Island represents when it comes to sharing the Island with visitors from near and far. His passion for the Island’s overall success is genuine. He takes the time to express pride in the community. He makes visitors want to return as often as possible. I have been in public service for 42 years and I know firsthand the value of investing in true leadership. A vote for Stephen Arnold would be a GREAT investment in Island's future. 

pete Savarese

Hilton Head Island Neighbor & Small Business Owner

I have known Stephen Arnold for several years now and he is a stand up guy who has always had a vision for making Hilton Head a better place. He shares many of the visions that our younger community share. He is well respected for his character and work ethic. I have zero doubt he will represent our island well! 


Samm Wolfe

Ward 2 Neighbor & Arthur Hills General Manager

In 2008 I hired Stephen Arnold to become a member of our staff at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort. From his first day on the job Stephen showed his dedication to excellence and his willingness to be a team player. Stephen is a natural leader due to his ability to think through situations and come to a positive and creative solution. He is an excellent communicator, and he has always been willing to listen to all viewpoints. I have watched his career grow through the years and as a 23-year resident of Ward 2 I am excited that he is running to represent not only those behind the gates of Hilton Head Plantation, but also those like me living outside of a gated community. 

Rawn Grant Sr.

Hilton Head Island Neighbor

I have known Stephen Arnold and his wife Holly since 2008 when they first moved to the island. His integrity,  honesty, reliability, and loyalty have stood the test of time. Above all else, Stephen Arnold is a person of character. Please join me in asking your Ward 2 neighbors to vote for Stephen!

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 4.15_edited.jpg

Michael Marks

20 Year Hilton Head Resident

I enthusiastically support Stephen Arnold for Ward 2. Town Council would greatly benefit from his ongoing service industry experience and knowledge. His unique understanding of the challenges the Island faces with sustaining a steady workforce, and the need for affordable housing is an asset to every Island resident. Equally important is his commitment to and support of HHI’s Arts and Cultural assets.


glenN stanford

Current Ward 6 Town Council Representative

I have gotten to know Stephen and I am pleased to endorse his candidacy.  I think he will bring a fresh point of view to the Town, and I support Stephen Arnold for the Ward 2 position on Town Council.   

sherry desimone

Hilton Head Plantation Neighbor & Former Beaufort County School District Administrator 

Please join me on November 8th in support of Stephen Arnold, for Hilton Head Island Town Council Ward 2. I’ve known Stephen and his family for over 10 years and have witnessed his work ethic, values, and character firsthand! As a former administrator for Beaufort County Schools, I know the importance of having an advocate within our local government that understands the needs of our school-aged children and their young families.  It is time to have a voice on our Town Council that represents the future leaders, caretakers, and workforce of our beautiful island! 


Jay Wiendl

Ward 2 Neighbor & Business Leader

As a resident of Ward 2 for the last 10 years, I have been very pleased with our representation on our Hilton Head Island Town Council.  I would like to see that continue, and Stephen Arnold is an excellent choice.  As a young professional, with school-age children, he will bring balance and a different view of the opportunities that our council is presented.  He has firsthand knowledge of the challenges within our workforce, the need to identify solutions for affordable housing and the desire to maintain our island’s iconic brand.  As a member of the workforce, I am confident that Stephen will represent us well.  I hope you will join me on November 8th in support of Stephen Arnold for Ward 2.     

Maria Ibanez

Hilton Head Island Neighbor

Conocer a Stephen y su familia ha sido un placer al igual que trabajar con él. Por lo tanto creo que debemos apoyarlo el día 8 de Noviembre para las elecciones locales por el consejo de la ciudad de Hilton Head. Stephen es alegre , amable y responsable ,atento  alas necesidades de quienes lo rodean,, un joven emprendedor que puede aportar nuevas ideas y nuevos proyectos  a nuestra comunidad de Hilton Head.


Brian Rietveld

Ward 2 Neighbor &

Beaufort County Teacher

I have known Stephen Arnold for over a decade and as a resident of Ward 2, I am excited to have him represent us on the Hilton Head Island Town Council. My wife Emily and I are both public school teachers here in Beaufort County and believe Stephen can represent the best of the next generation of Lowcountry leaders.

will hagedorn

Ward 2 Neighbor

We have known Stephen and his family for over seven years.  We know him and his wife to be good hard-working Americans who have the best intentions for the future of Hilton Head Island. He is a natural leader with family values and we are happy to give him our vote!


gar forman

2011 NBA Executive of the Year

I met Stephen Arnold 3 years ago shortly after purchasing property on Hilton Head Island. I believe Stephen has what it takes as a leader to help guide the Island into the future. He is a true team player. His vision and attention to detail would serve the community well. 

Daniel Rolf

Ward 2 Neighbor

Whitney and I have known Stephen for 20 years. Stephen and Holly are the reason we moved to Hilton Head over 7 years ago. Whitney is a small business owner, and it’s critical to have the right people advocate for all business owners to thrive. Stephen’s values, vision and passion for this island make him the right choice for Ward 2! 


Romina Chávez 

Hilton Head Island Neighbor

El Sr Arnold, es una persona honesta, es una persona sin diferencias. Yo como dueña de Ann’s Cleaning Services tengo solo cosas buenas para decir el me ayudado a crecer enormente. Siempre a estado en mis momentos malos y buenos. Tengo el placer de conocer a su hermosa familia. No he conocido persona más justa en todos los sentidos que el Sr Arnold. 

COY pic 2.jfif

BJ Payne

Ward 2 Neighbor & Hilton Head High School Football Coach

 I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to know Stephen and his family for nearly 10 years. He is a family man first built on integrity and honesty. He cares deeply for our business community, our local community, and most important to me personally….the youth of our community.  I have never seen Stephen without a smile on his face and would be honored for him to represent us in Ward 2.

Join your neighbors!
Vote for Stephen Arnold

Early Voting Begins Monday, October 24th

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th
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